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Working After Retirement – Social Security

Working After Retirement

There are many reasons some of us want to continue working after retirement. For some, they need the additional income. For others, they want to live out a lifelong dream. Then there are those of us who just want to keep busy and active in retirement. No matter what your reasons, creating an online business can cure your itch to work after retirement.

Why Work Online?

The best answer to that question is simple; anyone can do it. No matter your age, your health condition, or your retirement income, anyone can build a business online. The only limitations to working online are the ones you place on yourself. With proper guidance, anyone can build a successful online business. There are billions of customers online at any given moment looking for something. It can be clothing, jobs, books, or just searching for information. The possibilities are truly endless. With that many people all over the worldPassive Income online at any given time, you can start envisioning the opportunities. Even with millions of businesses and website already on the internet, there is still ample room for growth. Every day when we sit down and watch television, we see new advertisements for online businesses that we have never heard of, but now they seem to be advertising on every major channel. Now I am not saying you are going to create the next blockbuster website, but on the other hand, why not you? The market is a strange thing to predict, and many spend their entire lives trying to do just that, predict the market. Even with years of training and expertise, out of nowhere here comes a slogan like, “Where’s the beef,” and it goes viral overnight. Who knew? No one knew. But having said that, there are ways to predict the market and get a feel for a targeted audience, and that is where we can make our mark in the online world.

My story

The reason I decided to take on this topic is that it directly relates to me. As a young man instead of going to college, I decided to join the military. The truth is, I knew my parents couldn’t afford to send me to About Mecollege, so to lift the burden from their shoulders, I decided the military would be a great solution. My father was a veteran of the Air Force, so being my own man, I joined the Army. I joined the Army the summer before my senior year. Because I was only 17, I needed my parent’s permission. I assured them I had thought out my options and the Army is what I wanted to do. They allowed me to join, and on the night of my high school graduation, I was off to basic training. Never did I have a doubt or second guess my decision. I knew it was the right one for me. I served my country honorably for six years before I decided I fulfilled my obligation to my country and wanted to serve in a different capacity.

I was discharged from the Army in June of 1989, 0n a Friday. At that time I was stationed at The Presidio in San Francisco, California. The very next Monday I reported to the police academy in Oakland California. I was privileged to serve that community for 25 years as a police officer and police sergeant. But as I approached retirement, like most of us, I became a little nervous about what I would do next with my life. I knew I didn’t want to work in law enforcement anymore but what was I to do? A little later, I will tell you what I decided to do and I am glad I made that decision.


Avoiding Scams

One huge issue with getting involved with online businesses and online opportunities are the plethora of scams online. It never ceases to amaze me the time and energy some people put into deceiving people Online Scamswith the intent to get rich off of others misfortune. But millions of people do it every day. I often wonder if scammers feel remorse or regret for the fact they sometimes completely ruin people’s lives. Hard working people who just want to find an edge in life or take their interests to the next level. The online predators are always lying in wait for their next unsuspecting victim. Most of us who have tried a few of these online opportunities have lost money, confidence in our judgment and trust in the internet. That is entirely natural and for most of us who have had such experiences, we tend to stay away from the web regarding making money or finding legit opportunities to earn money online.

Without pointing out particular businesses, I want to share some of the tell-tell signs of typical online scams. The list is endless, and new techniques emerge every day. But commit this list to memory, and you will avoid 99% of the scams floating around on the internet in regards to online opportunities.

  • You don’t contact them; they contact you. This is not a sure fire way to weed out a scam but when it is in conjunction with other warning signs, stay away!!
  • No or Limited contact information.
  • The pay is high, or you will make a lot of money in a short period. When an offer claims you can make a specific amount of money in a certain degree of time, you should beware. A real Online Scamsopportunity will not promise a certain income as there are just too many factors to consider. No matter what the opportunity, it is almost impossible to be able to guarantee a set income. It is the oldest tactic, and yet people continue to fall for it because it preys on our human nature to want to know the outcome of our efforts. The truth is, a real opportunity is going to depend on you as an individual and how hard you are willing to work. It is one thing to advertise success stories and provide possible earning potential but just beware of those tactics as they have cost many their time and money.
  • Multiple requests for your contact information. When a website or offer seems to be more interested in getting your contact details than anything else, they probably are. The chances they are in the business of selling people’s contact information is very probable. Some companies strictly make money by collecting information from people so they can sell that information to those who are looking to target those individuals for “get quick rich schemes.” It is like they are doing to dirty work for the scammers. Technically they aren’t doing anything wrong, but they know their goal is to sell your email, phone number or address to those who do have bad intentions.
  • When you thought you were out….You see a compelling offer, so you check it out online. You decide the offer isn’t for you and you attempt to get off the site. Then you start getting pop up after pop up offering you discounts and other features to keep you on their web page and sweeten “the so-called” opportunity.


  • The site knows your exact location. Nowadays this isn’t that unusual for websites to know your location with all the built in tracking information on websites, cookies, and other means. But when an opportunity states there are only a few more positions or opportunities in your area so act now. Beware! The high-pressure technique to get you to join now or your chance will be gone, is also an old tactic that you can quickly identify as a scam.
  • No clue what you will be doing. Many times when you are investigating a possible opportunity, you learn how much money can be earned, are provided testimonials of others who have Online Scamsachieved great success, but yet you are not explained how they accomplished these great feats of success. In other words, the way you will be earning money seems a bit of a secret, and unless you join, you may not be able to find out how these success stories are being achieved. More than likely there will be a price tag attached to find out the “secret to success.” You will soon find out they are successful because of your contributions and now you need to trick others into financing your success in the same mischievous manner.
  • Offering a money-back guarantee. Another old technique is to get you to spend your money up front with the security that you can get it back whenever you want. These great opportunities are often lined with several caveats in small print that make it almost impossible to get your money back. The hope is you will give up instead of fighting to get your hard earned money back.

This is just a list of some of the most common signs that an online opportunity may not be what it seems. The truth is, this is not a complete list of warning signs because clever individuals are coming up with new scams every day.

Which Offers Can I Trust?

This is the million dollar question, which opportunities can be trusted? For the millions of scams, there are legitimate opportunities out there to make money online. The answer is not simple which ones can be trusted but like above here are a few things to look for when considering a legitimate online opportunity:

  • Do you know someone who is already involved? If you know someone who is already involved with the opportunity or has heard of the opportunity is a great start. This way you can get information from someone directly and make an informed decision. If you are interested in an opportunity, ask neighbors and family members if they have any knowledge of the opportunity.
  • Online reviews. This one can be tricky because often you will find both negative and positive reviews about almost any opportunity. My advice is to look for these signs when reading reviews. DoesExtra Income the review sound like a disgruntled customer? Someone who is just out to make a bad name for a particular business. Do the good reviews seem to outweigh the bad reviews? That is often a sign that the company is legit but some have had bad experiences for one reason or another, and they want the world to know about it.  Does the review seem credible? Sometimes you have someone write a scathing review, but as you read between the lines you can tell the person just didn’t apply the information/training; therefore, they did not succeed. I have seen this many times in reviews, and I quickly negate reviews from people who either couldn’t grasp the concept or just were too lazy to succeed. The bottom line is the more reviews you read, the better idea you will get whether an opportunity is legitimate or not, and or is the opportunity for you.
  • Does the business have a Better Business Bureau rating? Not all businesses are rated by the BBB, but it is always worth a check to see if the company you’re considering is listed.
  • Does the business/opportunity make sense? Sometimes good ole common sense can come into play. Often time, just reading the material can lead us to believe whether an opportunity makes sense and the goals seem realistic or is it just too good to be true. For me, I always weigh, “does this make sense to me?” If I apply the principles of the offer, are the claimed outcomes possible?
  • Offers that seem to involve hard work. I tend to put more stock into business and opportunities that seem to require work. I still believe “nothing for nothing leaves nothing.”  Personally, I am not looking to “get rich quick,” but rather work hard and achieve something worth the work. Maybe that is old school, but if you are retired, I am assuming your old school like me.
What do I Recommend?

Having been scammed a few times throughout my life looking for a great opportunity, I have learned a lot, much of which I have just shared with you. I am sure you have had many of your own experiences you have learned from as well. But I can say, not all my experiences were negative. Some of the opportunities I just couldn’t grasp the information, or it wasn’t suited to my skillset or personality. For instance, many opportunities involve sales, and I am not a salesperson.

There are very legitimate businesses based on sales, but I just do not have the skillset to make it work for me. ACN is an MLM company (Multi Level Marketing) that has been around for years and sells legitimate services in a market that will always be available. An excellent business which has created sustainable income for many people but I just was unable to make it work for me. To read my review on ACN click here. Some of you reading this article may have the skillset to make it work for you and may want to explore that option.

Wealthy AffiliateBut one business I can wholeheartedly support and recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. I can recommend it because I am a member and know it can work for almost anyone who wants to build an online business that will create legitimate, sustainable passive income.

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect program for retirees like myself. Discovering Wealthy Affiliate for me has been a life changing experience and one I want to share with as many people as I can. Please do not discount everything we talked about in the article. Everything still applies, and you have to make your own assessment if this is the right opportunity for you. I am confident you will come to the same conclusion as me, but you have to do that on your own.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program and community whose sole purpose is to help individuals like you and I succeed in the online world. It requires no experience, no prior knowledge of business, and no knowledge of marketing. I say that because you will need all of those things to succeed in building your web presence.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. The best part is you can join for FREE! Now I know your thinking, you stated earlier, “nothing for nothing leaves nothing.”  You are absolutely correct; I said that and I meant it. Although Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, you will have to put in some time and effort to see results. They will provide you every tool you need to succeed, but you will still have to build your website, market your site and create traffic to your site. They will teach you everything you need to know in step by step methods, but you still have to do the work.

This is the only program that gives you all the tools you will ever need to run and operate a successful online business. The only way you can fail is if you just don’t try, don’t follow the training or quit! Otherwise, you will see success like my friends and me who are premium members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Join today for free, test drive the program and decide if you want to commit to a premium membership. The choice is yours and there is no obligation, no credit card information required to join, and no pressure. Once you join for free, fill our your profile (which requires minimal personal information) and start lesson one of the certification program to instantly see how this opportunity can work for you. If you don’t mind putting in some work to succeed, you will embrace this opportunity and you can always thank me later.

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4 Comments on “Working After Retirement – Social Security

  1. Hello friend,
    Thanks a lot for this informative article. In fact I have always desired to do some business ONLINE. But like you mentioned, the internet is full of people who cannot be trusted. I really love the fact that you have made things more clearer.

    Now I know that though there are SCAMMERS, there are also LEGITIMATE jobs on the internet. I know know where to start from and how to start.

    You recommended Wealthy Affiliate as I saw in your displayed banner and I want to know this, please is their FREE STATER Membership available in all countries?

    I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks

    1. Hello Stephen,

      Not all Countries are offered the free membership. Some Countries as determined by the owners can only sign up for the premium membership in order to take advantage of this great opportunity. In my opinion, it is worth the $49 dollars a month as it will pay for itself after a few months. But I understand it is an individual decision each person must make. I do not have a list of the Countries that receive the free membership but I will find out.

      LD Johnson

  2. Hi LD,
    This is such an informative article. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us in such an articulate way.
    There are just so many people who think nothing of taking advantage of others and we need people like you to raise the warning signals. And thanks for the encouragement you give retirees to take advantage of the opportunities of working online, once they know how to go about it and what to avoid.

    Also, your personal story is very uplifting!


    1. Thanks Lynn,

      Being a retiree I wanted to write an article just for my co retirees. Additionally, this is such an awesome opportunity I wanted to share it with others in retirement looking for additional passive income. Your feedback is appreciated.

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