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Stay Patient and Trust your Journey

Fear of Success

Stay Patient

I can not stress enough the importance of staying patient and trust your journey when building your online business. There is little you can do to expedite the process of the search engines to trust your website besides optimizing your SEO. For more information on SEO Optimization, click here to read my article to assist you in understanding the SEO process.


How To Write Content For Your Website

The best advice I can give is to write quality content and let the search engines do their jobs. If your content is of high quality, useful to users, and original the search engines will reward you with strong organic rankings. Starting an online business takes a lot of work, but the rewards are worth the wait. With a potential audience of over a billion customers, the sky is the limit for your business.

SEO Plugins

The two SEO plugins I suggest to optimize your site are “All in One SEO” by Semper and Yoast. I prefer Yoast because it is much more intuitive and provides more guidance on how to optimize your site. Having said that “All in One SEO” is a quality product and many times it comes down to a matter of preference.  When starting your online presence, concentrate on organic rankings in the beginning and as your site matures you can start using advanced methods of attracting customers to your site.

How Much Time are we Talking

This a difficult question because the answers can vary substantially. I have created sites that have gained trust with the search engines in three to four months and others that have taken six to seven months. There is no perfect science, and that is why patience is necessary. You can not give up in the early stages of developing your website. When I say the early stages, I would say the first year to year in a half of your sites web presence would be considered in the early stages. If you give up on your site in the first eighteen months, then you have failed yourself. You did not allow the natural process to occur and you quit before you could succeed.

How do I know when my Site is Trusted

You can test how much search engines trust your site in two ways. You can use a keyword tool and check the ranking of each of your web pages to see where they rank organically. When I say organically, I mean how the search engines rank your web pages naturally. The higher the rankings if each page, the more the search engines trust your web page and deem it to contact quality content that is useful to its customers. Another way to check your site is to join Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a built-in tool that continuously monitors the health of your website in the eyes of Google. Not only does it check the health of your site but it provides information on what you can improve to gain trust from Google.

Screenshot of site health tool

Below is a screenshot of suggestions to improve your site Health.

Site Health

This site is only three months old, and you can see what suggestions Wealthy Affiliate is providing for increasing the health of the site. This is a potent tool when growing your online business and provides a daily view of your site’s health in the eyes of Google. For a full review of Wealthy Affiliate, please click here.

Your Journey

Everyone will have a unique journey so try not to listen to other people’s journey unless you’re just using it to gain perspective. It can be very discouraging if someone tells you they created a website and started earning money immediately. If that is true, then there may be many factors involved that account for that success. As an example, they may have a huge budget for PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click). This is a huge advantage and could result in instant success. But if you don’t have that kind of budget, to compare your journeys would be apple and oranges. Most of us have to build our sites the old fashioned way using organic web rankings.

As you take your journey, take notes and pay close attention to all the details. I preach to Stay Patient and Trust your Journeyeveryone who has found success with their online business is to take the time to teach others how to gain the same success. There is plenty of room for competition without hurting your success. Your journey may help someone else who is experiencing a similar journey. I truly believe, help others will only increase your ability to continue to find success.

If you haven’t started your online business or just getting started, I recommend you start with a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate. They provide all the training you will need to be successful online and all the tools. As shown above, the site health tool will be invaluable to anyone starting an online business. They have a keyword search tool that will also be invaluable. Take advantage of the free membership and tools to create a thriving online business.

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