Learning the Ropes to Online Success

Road to Success
Learning the Ropes to Online Success

Learning the ropes to online success is not as difficult as it sounds. The internet is a mass audience with unlimited potential. The reason most people don’t take advantage of this great opportunity is many. Some don’t know where to start. Many are afraid to try something new and something they are not familiar. These reasons are understandable, but they should not stop you from trying.

Where Do I Start

Passive Income vs Nonpassive incomeWhere you start is easy. You need to create a website. But before you create a website you need to decide what is your online goal. Do you want to start an online shop? Maybe you want to start a blog? Or maybe you want to delve into affiliate marketing? Each of these is viable ideas for creating an online business.

If you have products to sell then creating an online shop is the way to go. On the other hand, if you enjoy writing and have a deep interest in a particular subject you think others are also interested, then writing a blog is for you. If you have the desire to sell products but don’t want the hassle of managing an inventory and the overhead of purchasing products you will later need to ship, then affiliate marketing sounds like the best bet.

Choosing a Domain Name

Once you have decided what type of online presence you want to have you then need to think of a domain name for your business. A domain name should ideally incorporate the following:

  • The name should be easy to remember
  • You should try to avoid using dashes (as it can confuse consumers or they can end up on a competition site)
  • When creating a domain name, make sure it is relevant to your goal, product, or affiliation
  • If possible, try to stick to .com, .org or .net
  • When choosing a domain name, take into consideration branding
  • Consider securing the .com, .org and .net version of your domain name if possible

Now that you have an idea of how to chose a domain name, you’re ready to move to the next phase.

Registering your Domain

There are many companies you can register your domain name with all offering slightly different packages. SITERUBIX.COMMany companies now offer free registration of your domain name if you host with their company. This is a nice way to save a few dollars but the registration of your domain name is only part of creating your online presence and probably the cheapest part of the equation. Most companies charge between $13 – $15 dollars a year to register a domain. The real cost comes with the actual hosting of your site.

The question to ask of companies that offer free domain registration is will you own the rights to the domain or will they? The next question is will you have to pay to register your domain the following year or is the domain free as long as you host with their company? Advertising a marketing can be a tricky monster so make sure you answer the above questions before you register your domain name with a company.


Hosting and registering your domain name usually go hand in hand. More time than not the company you register your domain name with will also host your website. The big name companies are always very dependable and offer very cheap services with at least some level of support. But is bigger always better? There are smaller companies out there that offer tremendous deals but they are hard to find because the big companies have so much advertising power you can’t even find the smaller companies in web searches.

My personal recommendation is to sign up with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a company that owns its own hosting company called siterubix. The benefit of registering and hosting your site through Wealthy Affiliate and siterubix is the training and support that comes with the purchase. With a free membership, you will receive two free hosted websites and all the support you will ever need to create a successful online business now matter it be affiliate marketing, blogging or creating an online store.

To find our more, read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

What’s Next

Now you have decided on what arena of the internet you want to focus on, chose a domain name of relevance, registered the domain and chose your hosting company (siterubix I hope). Now it is time to start building your website. This is probably the most exciting part of the process. You will build a website from nothing to helpfully a powerful site generating hundreds of customers.

The first step in creating a website is choosing a theme for your website. The theme is the basic bones of your site. As you look at this site your notice a sidebar on the right-hand side of my page. You can look at my header, the font, and colors I use on my site. All of these things were thought out and planned exactly the way I wanted them. You will do the same. You will be in total control of your site.

Here are some examples of themes:

Twenty Fifteen WordPress ThemeTwentySeventeen WordPress Theme

To learn more about themes, please read my article by clicking here.

Don’t Make My Mistake

The first time I created a website I had no guidance and just muddled through the process and created a unique site but I had no knowledge of what worked and what didn’t work. I was just relying on the visual aesthetics of my site. It became clear, the process I was using did not result in traffic to my site. I realized there is a lot more science to creating a useful website that will attract customers.

What I learned is education is essential when creating a website that will eventually earn you a considerable amount of income. There is no way around educating yourself on what are proven methods in creating a viable website. I hate to beat a dead horse, but if you want one stop shopping on how to build an effective website from scratch, the only place I know that you can find everything you need to know at no cost to you is Wealthy Affiliate. Education is the key to success.

Once I discovered a source of education, I created a new website that took off and I was able to create the type of income I was striving to achieve. If you want to succeed then start at a place that is proven and has helped to created thousands of successful online businesses.


Now you have everything ready! You have your domain, you registered your domain, you chose your theme, and now it is time to produce content on your website. Producing content is a very serious matter in attracting customers to your site. Your content has to be relevant, informative and original.

If your site is based on selling products or solely focused on affiliate marketing, then the content you write has to be specific to the products your selling and informative enough to make customers want to buy your product. If your writing a blog, content is crucial. In essence, your articles are your product and in order for people to read your articles, you must have content worth reading. Please take a moment and read my article called, “How to Write Good Content for your Website.”


You’re almost there! At this point, you have started from scratch and now have a handsome website developing with quality content. You may have started to see customers visiting your site. This is a great sign you have quality content or products customers are interested to read or buy.

But now you have to concentrate on marketing your site. How do you get your site ranked in search engines What is SEO Optimizationlike Google and Bing? The first step in marketing your site is choosing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin for your site. This plugin will assist you in creating a site that will attract search engines and get the search engines to rank your site. The two most popular plugin are “All in One SEO” by Semper and “Yoast.”  Either SEO plugin will be a great addition to your website but I personally prefer “Yoast.”

“Yoast” to me is more user-friendly, had more tools to assist you in optimizing your site, and is more interactive. I have used both products but “Yoast” works better for me and I think is better for beginners in the online world.

I have written a very informative article about SEO optimization that will be very helpful for anyone starting an online business. Click here or come back and click here to read this “must read” article, “What is SEO Optimization.”


When marketing your website you need to keep in mind keywords and keyword research. Keyword research will become a part of your everyday life when maintaining a high-level site. Although keywords are not as important as they use to be with the recent updates in the search engines algorithms, it is still an important piece to the SEO puzzle. It is important to have keywords in your content that will attract search engines to your site so they can evaluate your site and rank it accordingly. There are other factors involved but keywords do play a part in your marketing.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click which is an advanced way to market your site. It is my advice to allow your website to gain trust with the search engines before deploying PPC tactics. As I stated above, it is important for you to get your site and pages ranking within the big search engines. Rankings (also called SERPs) are where your site is ranking when someone queries a search engine for information. The search results are SERPs which stands for Search Engine Result Pages.

Your goal is always to be on the first line of the first page of a search. As I stated before, to achieve this your site must gain the trust of the search engines. A way you can circumvent the ranking process is by PPC. When you invest in a PPC campaign you are basically buying ranking position. So if you have an article or product with a keyword you want search engines to place above the organic searches, you need to pay the search engine for this service.

Because this is an advanced technique, I don’t want to get too involved in explaining the process. PPC can be an article on its own and I will take the time to write an article about PPC later.

For a more in-depth look into PPC please check out this article written by the owner of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle. An Introduction to Pay Per Click (PPC)


Now you know all the basics to get your online business started. You can no longer use the excuse, “I don’t know where to begin.” I laid out the basics and all you have to do is further educate yourself on what I laid out. You now have a grip on some of the terminology used in this industry which in itself will help you understand the articles you may have read in the past and ones in the future. I can not stress enough the key to success is education. If you want all the education and tools you will ever need to create a thriving online business with a lifetime of passive income, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate NOW!

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4 Comments on “Learning the Ropes to Online Success

  1. Excellent article! There are definitely different pieces to the puzzle to be successful online, but once it is all put together, you can definitely make a great income online.

    It is easier than ever these days to have your own website and you don’t need to know HTML coding anymore in order to have a great website.

    You are right about Wealthy Affiliate being such a great place to learn how to create a great website that can earn you income. PPC is very interesting to get to, but you’ll definitely want to get training on that as it is very easy to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    I dabbled in the world of PPC earlier this year with limited success, but I attribute that to my first time trying it. I will definitely try it again when I get some more training on it.

    1. Yes Brian, 

      When we talk of PPC it more advanced techniques but it is always best to allow your site to mature naturally before dabbling in PPC. But it is a very valuable tool for your online business as it expands. 

      I agree it is so much easier creating a great website with very little experience. WordPress, in particular, has made so easy to build a quality website and Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn how to take advantage of the WordPress platform in order to create income. Wealthy Affiliate has certainly changed my life.


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