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How to Earn Money from Home for College Students

How to Make Money From Home

Learning how to earn money from home for college students can be easy, inexpensive and legitimate. With the cost of college these days, it is hard for young individuals to pay for college and or graduate without drowning in debt. There are many ways to earn money while in college. You can get a job of course, but that will take you away from your studies and the learning process. For some, it is just not practical to work while attending college. For those looking to create passive income while you study I have the perfect solution.


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the perfect solution for many reasons. WA is a community designed to assist those who are looking to start an online business or just earn a source of passive income to succeed. The community is made up of thousands of like-minded individuals who all started out like you.

WealthyAffiliate.jpgEveryone in the community understands what you are trying to do and they have an unlimited amount of knowledge to assist you to reach your goal. After trying several opportunities to earn passive income, a friend told me about WA, and it changed my life. The great thing is WA not only can help you pay for college, but it can also be a permanent source of income. I only wish WA was around when I was of college age, my life I am sure would have been entirely different. But luck for me late is better than never.

What Does WA have to Offer

WA has everything to offer. The community has two training programs to prepare you for creating a website that will earn you money for as long as you wish. The initial program is a certification program that teaches step by step how to build a website that can produce monthly income.

If you follow the training program you will not only build a money making website; you will understand all aspects of creating an effective internet site. The best thing about WA is you can join for free, and with a free membership, you receive two hosted websites for you to build. Yes, you get this for free! I am pretty confident there is no opportunity available that can match that.

Affiliate Bootcamp

In addition to the initial training program, WA offers an Affiliate BootCamp certification program. This is a more advanced program which teaches more advanced marketing techniques and the inside and out of affiliate marketing. I would start with the basic certification program and after you complete the initial program, take advantage of the Affiliate BootCamp program. At the end of the program, you will know everything you need to know to create sustainable passive income for years to come.


The Community

The WA community is second to none. The community is there to help you through every step of the way. If you have any questions, someone will have an answer in minutes. No question goes unanswered in the WA community. No matter how complicated or how simple, just ask and someone will help you. I owe the majority of my success not only to the training but the community. There are subject matter experts in all areas of creating, marketing and growing your online business.

Two Free Hosted Websites

With joining the free membership, you receive two free hosted websites. Again, there is nowhere you will find this type of opportunity. All you have to do is purchase your domain names and your set. WA offers domain names for $13 for a year. To have the rights to your website, you must register a domain name.

Total Control

You will have complete control over your site. You chose if you want to specialize in affiliate marketing, nevergiveup.jpgcreate an online store, or create a blog. Whatever your choice, WA will teach you how to market your site and earn monthly passive income.

What I love about WA is they don’t tell you what to do, they give you options of what you can do, it is your choice what path you chose for success. They will teach you how to choose an effective domain name, how to pick a niche, how to market your site and proven ways to drive traffic to your site. All you have to do is be willing to learn.

How Much Time Do I Need

The great thing is you can manage your time however you want. Obviously, your priority is your studies. Think about it this way, if you had a job, it would take time away from your studies. But that is time someone else will manage for you. You won’t be in charge of your work hours or times. With WA you are in control of your schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want on your website.

Ideally, you can use your summer to get your site up and running and then during your school year all you have to do is take the minimal amount of time you will need to maintain your site. Once it is up and running, your upkeep will be easy managed. That is the entire premise behind passive income. By definition, passive income is earnings an individual derives from an enterprise in which he or she is not materially involved.

How Do I Join

Joining WA is simple, just click here, and you will be on your way to creating passive income to help pay off college and assist with your personal expenses. There is no credit card required. Fill out the signup page, create your profile (which consists of a brief bio and list your goals) and you will have access to your two free, hosted websites. You will also have access to the WA community and training modules.

Premium Membership

There is a premium membership which is $19 for the initial month and $49 every month after that. The premium membership provides additional training, classrooms you can enter to gain more knowledge and ask specific questions to that classroom, you get twenty-five websites with free hosting and the ability to send private messages members and the owners.

Currently, I am offering to pay your first months premium membership. Instructions on reimbursement will be provided immediately after your free sign up.


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4 Comments on “How to Earn Money from Home for College Students

  1. I have heard a lot of good about WA and even the online reviews are really great about the program, however, I wanted to know how long did it take you to see some income through this method.
    I wanted to earn a full time income through affiliate marketing so how much time should I invest to see results?

    1. Hi Shrey,

      I can only speak on my experience. I made my first sale in about a month using the techniques taught in the Affiliate BootCamp program. After my first sale, it took another week before my second sale and then the sales began to grow from there. I was able to generate a lot of sign ups but the key was fine tuning my conversions techniques. What really helped me was offering to pay for the first months premium membership with a minimum three month commitment. This was/is a very effective tool for me.

      How much time will you need to invest is a good question. There are so many factors to account for but if you follow the training, I assure you, you will see results. As I state on my site, be Persistent, Patient and Dedicated.

  2. I must say that I love this post.

    I am a member of WA as well, and it’s a great thing.
    It’s not a quick-rich scheme, however, if you take long-term goals and put a lot of work and effort into it, you might not even need to look for a job after college.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Thank you, Dario

      I think so many young adults could take advantage of WA and get a huge head start over their peers. I wish WA were around when I was a young adult. Creating an online business with WA and going to college is like having a double major. I hope many young people take advantage of this opportunity.

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