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The first step in building a free website is discovering a niche. What is a niche? It is denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. Whether you want to write a blog and gain subscribers, sell shoes via your website or create an affiliate marketing site such as Amazon products. The choice is yours. I would suggest finding something that interests you and has value to others as well.

Chose a niche that you are knowledgeable about or something you can research and become a subject matter expert. If you elected to join an affiliate program or many affiliates programs, then the products are already there for you to promote and all you need is to create your site and offer the products in a way that will attract customers. I know what you’re thinking, this is getting complicated already. Yes and no! It could become tough if you are trying to do this on your own with no support system, no training, and no community to help you through the process. But lucky for you, I am introducing you to Wealthy Affiliate which will provide all the training and tools necessary to turn your niche into profit.

Second Step

The second step to success is starting your website. Many sites are offering free website builders, which are legitimate, but they fail to mention websites are meaningless without being hosted. That is where they make their money. I have created many websites and in the beginning most failed because like most endeavors, you need technical support and training. Unless you’re already an expert or possess a college degree in programming, you will need some level of training.

That is when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and learned not only could I build two websites, I could have both of them hosted for free. Also, they offer step by step training on how to create a website, provide thousands of themes, and teach you how to write content that will have customers flocking to your site in droves. That is what I needed the first time I build a website but as my mother told me, you live, and you learn., powered by Wealthy Affiliate, is the strongest one, two punch in the business when it comes to siterubix.jpgcreating an effective online presence. Wealthy Affiliate acts as the training module for creating a high power authority website. They offer a certification training program that walks you through every step of creating your online presence.

Once you get your first website up and running, you will quickly be able to set up and host up to 25 websites if you chose to upgrade to a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate.  Building a website will become second nature, and you will be able to establish several websites in as many niches as you desire. Wealthy Affiliate also offers an “Affiliate program” with certified member training. As I have stated before, this not a “get rich quick” scheme. Wealthy Affiliate is a program created to train you to become successful in the online world and out-compete others in whichever niche you decide to pursue.

Take some time to check out this awesome tutorial on how to create a website in 30 seconds

Last But Not Least

One of the most important parts of building a website for free is content! Content truly is king. The products you decide to sell may draw customers to your site, but your content will determine if they buy your product or not. This pertains to blogs, products, ideas, or whatever your website is promoting. If your content is not compelling, then no one will spend time on your site.

For the sake of this section, I will include your website theme as well. For me, that is part of the content of your site. You must select a theme that is consistent with the type of service, product or idea you are promoting. For example, if you are writing a blog and promoting a product or idea, you may want a theme that is very simple and will focus on the content and graphics and not a theme that has lots of large scale photos.


If your content is not compelling, then no one will spend time on your site. For the sake of this section, I will include your website theme as well. For me, that is part of the content of your site. You must select a theme that is consistent with the type of service, product or idea you are promoting. For example, if you are writing a blog and promoting a product or idea, you may want a theme that is very simple and will focus on the content and graphics and not a theme that has lots of large scale photos.

The above theme would work best with a photo-focused website
This theme would best support a content driven website

As you can see above, on the top would be a much better theme if you were promoting a product, an agency or some other type of website more photo-focused. The theme on the bottom, you have room for a photo that reflects the subject matter of your site or web page, but your content will clearly be the overall driving force. There are thousands of themes to chose from, and this is just an example to get you in the right frame of mine when it comes to selecting your theme.

The other important aspect to choosing your theme is the theme layout. Is the theme layout conducive to what you want to convey to your customer? Do you want a sidebar? A large or small header? Do you want a blog format or a format that is more suited for sales? Think these things over very carefully while selecting your theme and it will cause you a lot fewer headaches if you decide later your theme is all wrong and you want to totally change your theme after you have already added your content.


Your actual content will drive your website or blog. I will discuss keyword at a later date but for now, let’s just talk about the content in general. Your content must be easy to read and capture your reader’s eye. It must contain information that is relevant to your product or idea and capture the reader’s attention. You can do this by using grabbing headlines.

  • 10 Ways to lose weight now!
  • Why are Monarch Butterflies almost extinct


I think you get the idea. You have to grab your reader whatever the subject matter happens to be. Once you set the tone for your content with a great headline, you must quickly draw them in with content that will expound on the ContentisKing.jpggrabbing title. The best way is to write your content is in a way the average person can relate too.

If you get overly technical, you will quickly lose your reader and your idea or product with them. If your subject matter is technical, to begin with then, of course, your readers will expect your content to be technical in nature, and it will get their attention. The bottom line is you have to know your audience and cater to their specific needs.

True and Accurate

Make sure your content is true and accurate. If the consumer reads something they know to be false, then your content instantly loses credibility, and your customer will move on to the next related website or blog. Make sure you fact check everything you write to ensure you’re providing the reader with information they can trust.

Once you gain your customer’s belief it is likely; they will revisit your site as well and recommend it to others. Once you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate for Free, you will find in-depth training related to content. This was meant only to be an overview of the importance of content as it pertains to your website or blog. You can receive step by step training to walk you through all aspects of content for you to create an authority website or blog.

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6 Comments on “Building A Free Website

  1. nicely designed web site and very logical walk-through of the issues involved in making money online and a well described solution to all the issues and problems that people don’t often think about when starting an online business.
    The post also details the little known costs that are often ignored by programs other thatn Wealthy Affliate. It’s a very good point, and one of the things I like most about Wealthy Affliate. Everything’s included!

    1. Thanks Mr. Tucker,

      Yes, many sites offer free web building but fail to provide free hosting as well. Without hosting, you can will not have a functional website. Wealthy Affiliate offers EVERYTHING you need from the start. Can’t beat that. Everyone please be careful of going through the trouble of creating your free site just to find out you will have to pay for hosting later.

  2. Very nice site design and the walk through of the process of making money on line is clearly laid out. Thanks for the clear information well said. There are a lot of cost to set up, run and maintain a website way to often not spoke of up front.


    1. Hey Randy,

      So many sites advertise free websites, but very few offer free internet sites. They offer free web building but to create a site and have it published and ready for business there are hidden fees. Wealthy Affiliate is the only program I have found that offers free websites and free hosting. On top of that, they provide exceptional training that walks you through every single step in from creating your website to marketing and maximizing your site for SEO (search engine optimization). If you haven’t yet, I would recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate for free and see for yourself if they provide everything I stated.

  3. I am reading this information and thinking to myself if it’s worth the trouble building a free WordPress website. I mean, they don’t usually rank very well, right?

    I think a custom website will give more personal branding for whatever business you want to create online.

    It makes me wonder though, are there any purpose to having a free site? What kind of advantages does it have?

    Thanks for helping me understand.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I can only speak for myself. My websites seem to rank just fine. It takes time of course for natural rankings but that is true for any website. You can personally brand your website with WordPress some more than others depending on the theme you chose for your website. But in the end it is a personal decision if you want a two free hosted website or not. I think it is a great opportunity with nothing to lose:)

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