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Hello, my name is Leroy, welcome to my website. I served 24 years as a peace officer in Oakland, California which is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Before my service as a peace officer, I was in the United States Army for six years. I have dedicated my whole life to public service. That is something I wanted to continue but in a different capacity.              ldjohnson.jpg

I  grew up in New Jersey, and I promised myself I would never live in cold weather again. I settled in the Houston, Texas, area and I love this community. The hot and humid weather is right up my alley. Houston is an active city with quality restaurants, museums, sporting venues, and more, whatever on your personal preferences, Houston has it!

I am an avid sports fan and enjoy watching a live sporting event whenever possible. After moving to Houston, I had to switch my allegiance to the local teams. Some sports fans may consider that treason, but this is my home now, so I have to support the local teams.

ldjohnsonaquarium.jpgAlso, I have an affinity for the care and maintenance of aquariums. Upon retiring, I bought my dream aquarium and stocked it with my favorite fish, cichlids. I have cared for aquariums since I was a child, and I can’t imagine life without my fish. My tank is 180 gallons, and it is my pride and joy. If I am not writing, I am taking care of my little ones.

My other love is writing, and I am currently working on my first novel. The opportunity I am sharing with you on this site has allowed me to pursue my dream of writing my novel. I have been able to build an online business which has given me the financial freedom to pursue my writing goal. Now I want to help you realize your dreams by providing you with the tools necessary to create your financial freedom.


Leroy Johnson


“Skull,” my Flowerhorn Cichlid



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  1. very inspiring personal story and you can’t help but wish the best for him. I also once had a large aquarium, and I can tell you it takes work. Strange things happen in large aquariums. Trigger fish were my favorites, and of course, the cute little clown fish.
    I think Leroy has done a great job of serving his fellow humans by helping them make money online. He’s a great role model.

  2. Hi LD, I’d like to speak with you about your businesses when you have some time. I’d like to get to know you a little and see if you would be the kind of mentor I’m looking for.

    Charles Ansley

  3. Good evening Leroy,

    To start with I have to tell you I love your fish, what a face! On my property, I have in total 3 fish ponds of which 2 I build myself. I am proud to say after all these years they still function and do not leak. In Jan each year, the ponds are cleaned to be ready for spring when the weddings start. Normally the toads, a protected species here in Spain, are the first ones to be followed by the frogs and fish. I love observing the happenings in these worlds.
    Now to your website. I am not always happy with the modern advances in technology but in general, Internet is a good thing. As you rightly stated it gives Mothers again the possibility to combine their homework with an indoor activity with flexible hours. In the past years, women were forced to leave their homes to go and earn money and this caused a conflict, you feel guilty not being able to be everywhere at the same time. Very good that you explain the Why’s and How’s to those who wish to stay at home but earn an extra income.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,

      I would so love to have a pond in my yard. I love the lake behind my house, but it isn’t the same when it doesn’t belong to you. I use to own 7 acres in Dallas with a 1-acre pond. It was a perfect retirement property, but then life got in the way with divorce and dividing of assets. You’re living my dream.

      Thank you for the positive feedback on my article. It would be a perfect world if all mothers and/or fathers could work from home and place their values on family instead of work. Putting work ahead of family is taking a toll on many societies. The Countries that still value family will always be morally and emotionally ahead of other countries that place work first. The internet now enables families to put the family unit first and foremost in their lives.

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